We've had a few questions asking for an estimate of how long it'll take to write so many words, or a novel. Clearly, if an exact duplicate is asked, we'll close it as such, but I don't think questions of this nature are really all that helpful. But maybe others do?

There aren't that many yet, but I suspect they'll continue to accumulate.

  • Are these good questions? How should we answer them?
  • Should we come up with a tag for these?
  • At what point do we consider these duplicates? Should we encourage more general answers that explain how to estimate the time it'll take to generate text?

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These are practically the definition of Your Mileage May Vary. It's a question which can't be answered. Even the same writer is not going to turn out equal-sized books in the same period of time; book 1 will be harder, book 2 may be easier, book 3 may take twice as long as book 1 because the plot changed.

They should be closed.


This kind of question looks way too broad to me.

Each person is different, each story is different.

If you are passionate you may write a romance in 2 weeks, if you write half a page per day in a year, the answerer cannot really tell without reading the asker's mind.

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