How to write a polite unsubcribe email?

So Neil Fein thinks that this question is off-topic, and state to the meta question* he links, the reason it's closed is because it's asking for "what to write", not "how to write".

But but but but but..........

If he does not know what to write about, we cannot help him anyway*.

I know the topic. Or do I have some ignorance? Please tell.

*Should we be answering questions about what to write about?


"How to write" would be "Here is this email I have written. I think it is rude. Can you help me make it more polite?" That's working with existing copy.

"What to write" is "I want to accomplish X," whether X is a plot, an email, or a homework assignment. That's off-topic. We aren't going to choose the phrasing for you.

  • so you mean that all I need is a draft of what I'm about to write? – Ooker Dec 23 '15 at 15:55
  • @Ooker Start there, yes, and give some context. "I'm sending it to so-and-so who is my boss/direct report/colleague etc. after receiving X number of emails and I've already done blah blah." – Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum Dec 23 '15 at 16:17

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