I am highly unfamiliar with this portion of Writers, so forgive me if this is off-topic.

While browsing Writers SE, I came across someone who mentioned that Science Fiction & Fantasy SE gets specific book requests all the time (that is, someone is looking for a book they once read, and can now no longer remember its title).

What if the book is not Science Fiction or Fantasy? Where would I ask a question about, say, an Historical Fiction book?

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There's now a Literature Stack Exchange site where you can ask this kind of question (or, for that matter, other general questions about literature, books, publication process, and a wide variety of other questions about written works - even, for example, song lyrics).


To my knowledge, there is currently no place on the Stack Exchange network where you can get a non-scifi/fantasy book identified. There was a literature site but it never made it out of beta.

Literature questions are off-topic here on Writers, as per community decision.


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